What our Customers say...


These folks are great.  Tony managed the situation and his crew seemed to never stop.  When I called they had their hands already full but still managed to arrive on scene within 25 minutes.  Tony walked me through the process, worked directly with my insurance company - a very big help.  The crew was so professional and courteous you barely knew they were there (however you couldn't miss all the fans!).  I had no idea so much cleanup could be done with such minimal interruption.  They literally had to remove a major portion of my retail stores flooring, cut up drywall, tear out all baseboards and more... and we stayed open the entire time they worked!  Awesome experience and I highly recommend this group to anyone (and especially if you are in business and want things done by folks that respect you, your customers, and your assets!).

We had a water leak in the wall that connects to the refrigerator. Mold built up and they tented the area and contained the molded wall. Treated the area, inspector said it looks good. We'll find out this week if the damage is contained. Jose and his help were very polite and did a quick and clean job. Never had a mess when removing the drywall and cabinet, which also has mold. They were out daily to check for moisture in the walls and tile floor. They cleaned up very well after removing everything. No complaints at all. They call before arriving and give good information on the progress of the project. I would call them for any future water damage problems.

I have worked with Joe the owner and Jim in client relations for years and they get the job done right the first time! They know the insurance side of things and work well with adjusters. I can't recommend them enough! Emergency insurance work is a tough world to navigate and they do it well.

SERVPRO in Atascadero was great and very helpful to me when my room needed drying out, even when I had to call them after 10:30 pm. I came home to a flooded room and gave them a call. SERVPRO was very helpful and professional.